April 17, 2011

Kona Coffee - More than Just "Gourmet"

Hawaiian peaberry coffee, grown in Kona, Hawaii, is known for its smooth, full-bodied flavor, unforgettable taste and rich aroma. The main secret of such tasteful and different beans is the perfect blend of all the six elements comprising of rich soil, proper elevation, cloud cover, sunshine, rain and a moderate slope helping in the drainage of the roots provided by the Hawaiian islands, have ensured an ideal environment to produce some of the richest product in the world.

Kona peaberry coffee is an estate coffee. Rare and most exclusive, these beans comprise only 5% of total crop. Coffee producers note that the peaberry cherries are usually found at the ends of the tree branches. Some farmers believe that these cherries with a single bean are formed when the wind blows half of the white coffee flower away before it forms the beginnings of the cherry. These rare beans are hand-picked by 600 working farms in Kona district of Hawaii Islands. Kona coffee producers use the special wet-method of processing and sun-drying to make sure they get a certified gourmet product.

As a result, the price and demand for Hawaiian peaberry coffee is higher than other types of this gourmet drink thanks to its rich, smooth flavor and low acid content.

This grade was awarded even a top 10 ranking as one of the best-quality coffee by Food and Wine Magazine in March, 2006.

You may choose either freshly roasted beans or ground coffee. Many coffee lovers prefer buying beans to grind them at home themselves.

Why are peaberry beans more expensive than other grades?

This grade is rare and therefore more expensive than other types, but really worth a modest added cost for the coffee lover. And even more valuable than you might think! Why? - Because these delicate beans with rich aroma are distinguished from commercial blends with the tremendous care taken at every step of the cultivation and gathering process. Experts around the world know this very well.

Perhaps that's why worldwide coffee drinking societies prefer drinking Hawaiian peaberry beans as the royalty of all coffees. All the above mentioned excellent features have made this highest grade Kona coffee one of the two most highly-valued gourmet beverages in the world.

It is a unique product of Hawaii, and like so many things about Hawaii, cannot be found anywhere else in the world.